How To Select the Best Cat Litter For Your Pet?

How To Select the Best Cat Litter For Your Pet?

With several cat litter available in the market today, selecting the right one can be a difficult task for you. How will you select the best cat litter for your pet? Of course, cat litter suppliers will provide you with the best quality and the right litter for your pet.

One of the best cat litters is those that your cat likes and uses. It is also important to select the litter that works the best for your pet. There are several conditions that you must keep in mind when selecting a litter for your cat. Here are different types of litter and you must choose according to your cat’s requirements.

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Two types of cat litter made from clay are:

  • Clumping

  • Non-clumping

Over other types of litter, most cats prefer Fine-textured clay litter. The grains of clay is like the soft soil or sand that cats use. Non-clumping and clumping both produce dust while some clay litters produce less.


This is made of clear silica gel. As compared to other types of cat litter, it is costly. However, it absorbs moisture, produces less dust than other materials, and aggressively cleans the litter box, which is excellent news for both cats and people. Your cat might not enjoy the rough crystals. Crystal litter can become wet, causing urine to collect in the box. When consumed by your cat who likes to play in the kitty box, silica gel can be harmful.

Other Natural Materials:

A few natural alternatives to typical clay litter are:

  • Paper

  • Pine

  • Wheat

  • Nutshells

  • Corn

Many natural varieties of cat litter, such as walnut, come in pellet form for individuals with environmental allergies and asthma, while some natural cat litters, such as those produced with corn kernels, clump, minimizing the quantity of dust in the air and litter strewn about the house.


A better way is to try several litters at a time. Set several trays with a different kind of litter and see the quality of the litter. Also, see what the best cat litter for your pet is. As many cats are sensitive to the texture and smell of the litter, stay attentive to the behavior of your cat’s litter while they are trying out the new litter.

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